Aerial photography produces some of the most stunning and compelling imagery. This amazing birds-eye view transforms ordinary images into stunning photos. There are many professional photographers who offer services for aerial photography in Melbourne that include taking photos from an aircraft, drone, or other flying devices. This is still the most popular trend in photography, and you will need to capture amazing shots to wow your prospects and keep them engaged if you want the industry to continue to evolve. This article will explain the industry terminology surrounding aerial photography services so that you can get the shots you want.

Why Drones?

While aerial photography can be done using helicopters, planes, hot air balloons, etc. drones are the most popular method. Drones can maneuver closer to buildings, the ground, and other objects because of their small size and collision-avoidance abilities. This agility allows drones to capture images from angles and perspectives not possible with traditional cameras.

Our Top Aerial Photography Services

Display a Property or a Location 

Our aerial photography services in Melbourne can be a great way to showcase a property. Agents can capture these images from unusual angles that show the entire space and make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Aerial photography with drones is the best way to showcase homes, neighborhoods, and shopping centers, as well as campuses, outdoor venues, and the surrounding landscapes.

Promoting a product or service

Aerial photography is not only useful for realtors but can also be used to market a product or service. Panoramic views can make a lasting impression on prospects and increase sales. This is especially true when products involve fast-paced motion or action, such as ATVs, SUVs, watercraft, sports, aircraft, and action shots. Beautiful aerial photos in promotional materials would be a great benefit to action-based products. They will impress and engage prospects.

It is also a great way to promote outdoor venues. Aerial photos can make any event stand out better than images taken from traditional ladder elevations.

Engineering and Urban Planning 

Engineers and developers continue to use aerial photography services in urban and land-development mapping applications. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are often used to combine mapping with analysis and strategic planning.


Combining stunning sunset photos of beautiful landscapes with the backdrop of cities or towns can help to promote a destination and draw visitors. Aerial photography services are essential for the promotion of eco-tourism and leisure tourism.

Hire Our Professional Aerial Photography Services in Melbourne

Drone Photography offers stunning panoramic shots that are impossible to replicate with traditional photography. These photos make marketing materials stand out and impress your customers.

While aerial photos with drones can be stunning, it is important to remember the training and certifications required. It takes a lot of practice and learning to operate a drone. Professional drones require a Certificate and we have it. There are many technical specifications and features in which we stand out from others.

Hire a professional aerial photography team such as Drone Photography Melbourne rather than buy a drone by yourself. Drone Photography Melbourne has a large network of drone pilots and photographers who can help you with your aerial photography needs.

Do not put yourself through the trouble of learning how to properly edit images and how to set up a drone. Drone Photography Melbourne has the expertise to capture amazing images and do all the post-production work so you get the best shots. Contact us today if you are interested.