Aerial Wedding Photography

Drone Wedding Photography

Take your wedding to new heights with stunning aerial footage of you and your loved ones. This is a day to remember and we help capture every angle by providing gorgeous photos and videos of the celebration from above. It’s your special day. You’ve dreamt of it forever and planned everything down to the smallest detail. You know your colors, your cake flavour, your party favours. You’ve downloaded and rejected a dozen playlists. You’ve collected bridal magazines to commingle every dress design into the one that will make your mum cry. The wedding party is selected, the venue is reserved, the menu approved. You have your officiant, your DJ, and your photographer. It will be the most gorgeous day ever – but what would set it head and shoulders above every other wedding this season?

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Wedding Videos from Above

We’re not talking help from celestial beings (although we wouldn’t reject their input!) Quite simply, if you want to elevate your wedding to a dramatic and breath-taking affair, drone videography is the icing on your cake.

The first thing to consider when hiring a drone videographer is safety. Skycam Drone Photography has extensive knowledge and experience in flying our cameras. We are fully licensed, insured, and have established safety and weather plans.

We coordinate with venue personnel, the wedding photographer, and the couple to ensure we are all communicating concisely and our expectations are rooted in reality. We will abide by CASA regulations, we will not operate inside without sufficient hover and headroom, and we will maintain safe distances as to not interfere with your photographer’s intimate shots. We are also mindful of the noise our drones produce. Our mission is to augment, not disturb your precious nuptials.

Where we shine is location videography. A rugged mountainside, panoramic beach, scenic park, provides dynamic scenery for your event.

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When a wedding is held at sunset, we will employ the dramatic lighting for a once-in-a-lifetime video. If you’re marrying on a boat, how else but drone video would you capture the breathtaking vista? Some of the best videos we’ve taken are the couple’s ceremony exit with the sprawling landscape, ocean, or city as the backdrop. Unbelievably stunning!

Capturing wedding moments with drones can be creative and playful. Let’s get a group photo with letters or a mock cake fight. Arriving in a horse-drawn buggy or classic car? How about girls against boys race? Ring around the rosy with the bride and all the young attendees? Bird’s eye view of the groomsmen goofing off? Multi-generational 360° angles with kissing and hand-holding? What about a montage of your pre-wedding festivities? And of course, you need the classic wedding party walk! There’s no end to creativity and fun when shooting with a drone.

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Wedding Photographers

Drone shots can paint illustrative and soaring images that flaunt all the scenic context of your wedding. A fly-over shot of your venue and wedding party is guaranteed to bring nostalgic and happy smiles. Drone photography transforms the humblest on-ground ceremony into a lavish fairy tale starring the happy couple. When you’ve carefully chosen every detail of your lifetime event, you absolutely should preserve the memory with sweeping aerial photos.

Wedding drone photography will add depth and dimension to your group and family photos. The importance of your special day cannot be overemphasized, and we will give you an added aspect of cinematic drama. After all, you are the star of this show!

Skycam Drone Photography will capture the energy and excitement of your beautiful event and preserve it for years to come. You deserve to have all the splendor and beauty that wedding drone photography can capture. Allow us to make your special day into a heart-warming, awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime cinematic event.

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