Sky Cam Provides Best Drone Services in Melbourne

Our drone services Melbourne are cost-effective and affordable for large quantities of work. Drones can capture higher-resolution footage than any other method. Drone helicopters are primarily used for covering long distances in a short time. These helicopters are useful for taking photos in remote locations that aren’t easily accessible. Drone helicopters are durable and can withstand any type of crash with little to no damage.

Because drone use is highly restricted, professional drone photographer Melbourne is required. Drone helicopters need unique licensing by the responsible authorities. Before becoming eligible, drone operators who are experienced must complete formal training. Operator training may include flying in dangerous areas and at high altitudes. Operators must also have insurance to maintain their licenses.

Before you take off, it is important to make sure that your drone is safe. To ensure maximum operation and efficiency, certain precautions have been taken. Consider the following:


    • The cost of the shot

    • The drone services are of high quality

    • a valid license and insurance


A drone is a rapidly growing technology that can help businesses, large and small, market their assets to investors or use them for digital marketing. A simple drone photo can show off your property from a different angle.


    • Take aerial drone photos of virtually any location.

    • Inspection of structures located in high interference areas, such as radio towers and wind turbines.

    • 3D site mapping and modeling for building sites, quarries, and building structures with high precision.

    • Our upward-facing cameras capture the underside of structures.

In Real Estate

There is a great niche for aerial photography Melbourne in real estate domain. Drones can take excellent photos of the properties you want to sell. These helpful views give potential buyers a better idea of the property’s amenities and provide a visual representation of its configuration and size. It is also very helpful for creating ads and pitching new buyers to large clients.


Digital photogrammetry and terrain modeling are changing the way we manage man-made and natural assets. This science is changing because drones can now take high-quality, geo-tagged photos. Our drone services Melbourne Melbourne can capture great map and survey insights for your research.


Construction sites can be dynamic. Drones are flexible enough to acquire high-resolution data when needed. This allows you to obtain extremely high-resolution imagery at specific time intervals that are tailored to your project. From comprehensive site maps and aerial media for stakeholder engagement and inspection/verification photos for contract management

Many other industries also use drones, including agriculture and surveillance. Drones can save farmers money by allowing them to identify and inventory failing crops early. They can also be used to map and analyze the farmland and its irrigation system.

You can trust us

Our company is based in Melbourne and offers aerial photography Melbourne services, including commercial and specialist engineering. Each customer can have their requirements met. To provide safe and efficient services for our customers in Melbourne, we use the most up-to-date drone technology and software. We are fully protected by public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Sky Cam Drone Services Melbourne has been certified by CASA.