Commercial Drone Photography

Commercial Drone photography

Commercial Drone Photography has hundreds of creative applications, with new ones emerging every day. Skycam Drone Photography is dedicated to learning and applying these technologies and features with specializations for virtually any project.

As our society sensitizes to global climate changes, solar and other renewable power resources become increasingly important and desirable to consumers. Our drone pilots can scout and evaluate properties for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. We can accurately plan, measure, and survey solar panels for preparation and analytics. This will help prevent last-minute surprises and delays.

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We will monitor the project and component installation. Post-installation, our drones will ensure accuracy with thermal imaging and reports. This ensures solar companies can both reduce their costs and increase energy production.

Installing and inspecting solar panels in both residential and commercial applications is safe, accurate, and efficient with drone videography. Real-time decisions are possible due to automatic imagery and high-resolution maps. 3D models allow smart analysis and reporting.

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Aerial Construction Photography

By deploying drones, construction costs have decreased and productivity has increased. Drone photography and videography can identify terrain, land contours, hazards, and other safety concerns with ease. By utilizing regular drone mapping updates, projects stay on track and allow companies to monitor and collaborate on multiple projects and job sites.

Our drones can do several fly-bys of the site, capturing it from all angles. Aerial photos and videos can be relayed back to the home office, decreasing the time project managers and investors need to be on-site. From surveying to excavation to building construction and asset inspection, Skycam Drone Photography will create solutions designed for safety, cost-efficiency, and on-time returns.

Roofing Drone Photography

Nowhere is drone videography more useful than in roofing inspections. A homeowner can stand safely on the ground while seeing damage in clear, high-resolution, quality photography. Drones will store the data in the cloud so you can have access to amazing, advanced before and afters. We can produce high-precision reports and digital imagery faster and safer than traditional methods. Productivity and customer satisfaction increase; mistakes and accidents decrease.

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Drone roofing reports provide accurate and clear roof features, slope, pitch, surface area, and square footage. Previously hidden problems, sometimes concealed during visual inspections, can be easily exposed and tracked. Dimensionally-accurate 3D models give your customers authentic insights for effective decision-making in minimum time frames.

Using drones for roof inspections shrinks the time, energy, resources, manpower, and danger that inspectors, adjusters, and installers require. Ultimately, both companies and homeowners win by using drone technology. With 3D models, you can navigate to any point on the roof or gutters, make multiple measurements and even zoom in to closely inspect any feature.

Skycam Drone Photography is Melbourne’s premier drone company. Our CASA-certified pilots are fully insured and regularly review new capabilities and software with our drone cameras. We are committed to technology-driven efficiency, strong and clear collaboration, and timely completion, with our goal being complete and thorough client satisfaction.

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