Drone Real Estate Photography

Drone Real Estate Photography

In today’s cutthroat real estate market, it is paramount to make your brand stand out from your competitors. Today’s buyers are discerning and particular; today’s sellers are savvy and demanding. So how do you rise above the sea of other real estate professionals and present yourself as the realtor that will do the most for your clients? The answer is drone photography.

Drone photography will add the ‘wow’ factor to any property listing. Whether commercial or residential, pre-owned or new construction, dazzling aerial imagery will engage your buyers and establish your reputation as an innovator before you have even spoken. Being a real estate professional that utilizes the exciting and visually stunning services of drone photography will positively impact your client’s impressions and attitudes towards you and your brand.

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Real estate agents have a compulsory arsenal of tools the public never sees, The licensing, continuing education, the forms, the databases are necessary for you to run your business, but they don’t sell the houses. Your discipline and dedication won’t always find you the buyers. As a realtor, you have to sell yourself as much as you sell property. Drone photography and videography help to add the ‘sizzle’ to your stake (pun intended) in the real estate market.

Aerial Real Estate Videography

Commercial: We offer fully edited photos from a variety of angles, heights, and directions, Commercial buildings need aerial photographers that understand that the location of a property is the most critical factor of its marketability. It’s not enough to shoot the space – you need to present its overall value by accurately photographing the surrounding stores, intersections, highway accessibility, and parking lots. Skycam Drone Photography has experienced drone operators that will not only get the high altitude shots, but the close shots taken at ground level.

aerial view of suburbs in melbourne for drone photography services

We will include photos from all compass points, pylon shots, anchor tenants, and entrances. We will clearly communicate with you to find the times for which the property shows best – if you are wrangling for tenants, shots of an empty parking lot or intersection will not help lease the space. If the property is massive (shopping malls or apartment communities), we will collect several images and present you with a panorama. Your clients will have a fully immersive experience both in and around your commercial building.

apartment building in melbourne drone videography services

Residential: Aerial drone photography can bring a property to life in vivid detail. When you distinguish your property listings through high-quality drone photography and video, both you and your seller will see immense returns. Aerial real estate photography shows the context of size, space, and location. Using front to back or full slow 360 fly overs, drones capture the facets, personality, and characteristics that still photos can miss. It can highlight special features such as solar panels, roofing, pools, and landscaping.

Drone videography can reassure buyers with visuals of gutters and chimneys in good condition. We will not just stop with aerial photographs and video. Upon request, our residential drone photography package can include the shots necessary to create the property’s 3D or orthomosaic map. This gives your potential buyers an intimate and immersive connection with their soon-to-be new home!

Skycam Drone Photography will highlight everything your listing has to offer. We will work with you to assure the landscaping visuals are pristine and optimized for the best photos. If shooting interiors, we will point out improvements to show the home with minimum clutter so the architectural bones really ‘pop’. If shooting one of Melbourne’s historic Victorian homes, we will detail the gorgeous ornamentation. When shooting a high-rise, we will frame it with soaring shots, designed to inspire drama and prestige. One of our favorite sequences is starting from inside a patio or balcony and making a dramatic sweep of the gardens and surrounding areas. It grants your viewers a scope and perspective still photos simply cannot match. Even the humblest of homes will shine with the addition of a drone photography “make-over.”

beautiful house drone photo

New Construction: Using drone videography for new buildings is an exciting way to get your buyers involved in the conception and development of the structures. Real estate drone photography will engage the buyer at every stage of construction, presenting them with touchpoints along the building process. Including artist renderings as fade-aways before pulling back to show the finished landscapes will incite ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from potential partners and buyers. Drone images are invaluable for accurately capturing the entirety of the development or neighborhood in any stage of development. Aerial photography will help cement your brand, your reputation, and your expertise.

Location Videography

Melbourne real estate photography and videography amplifies the features of properties but also maximizes your client experience. By leveraging drone services, you gain authority that commands the attention of your buyers and sellers. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the relationships we build with our clients. Much as a realtor has to sometimes ‘read between the lines’ to find what their buyers truly want, we listen for the message you hope to convey. We will work in tandem with you to elevate your brand and presence.

If you are still not convinced that showcasing your properties with Melbourne drone services is a savvy marketing tool, consider this:

According to RISMedia, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images. When perusing real estate sites from home, buyers see homes with video first from several larger online real estate sites. 73% of homeowners would be more inclined to list with an agent utilizing video to market their home; however, only 9% of agents create listing videos. (National Association of REALTORS®)

Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% on the listing description. (The Wall Street Journal)

Skycam Drone Photography is the secret weapon in your real estate arsenal. Aerial photography will communicate a more accurate and vivid depiction of your listings that traditional photography cannot match.

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