Drone Videography Melbourne

Drone Videography

Skycam Drone Photography is committed to capturing the highest quality video for your projects and events. Our drone operators are CASA-certified pilots with full liability insurance so you can simply give us direction, then sit back and relax. Our drone pilots will capture the footage you need using the latest in drone technology. Drones allow us to capture amazing up-close footage that traditional video cameras simply cannot touch. In addition, drones will create gorgeous and detailed panoramas of your property, production, and events.

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Aerial Wedding photography

Weddings deserve special attention to preserve the memories for generations. By utilizing drone videography, we will compose a bird’s eye view of your carefully selected venue and capture the pre-wedding silliness and excitement. We’ll start your video story before the party begins! The behind-the-scenes footage really illustrates the personality of the bride, groom, relatives, and wedding party in a way that traditional print photography cannot.

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We’ll catch the giggles and heart-warming moments, the gorgeous gardens, the candid reactions of your guests. We coordinate closely with your still photographer for inspiration and planning. The wedding’s surroundings and special touches will serve as unique cinematic props as we frame the narrative of your once-in-a-lifetime day. Skycam Drone Photography is committed to enhancing the mood of your special celebration and will take extreme safeguards not to intrude, bother or distract the guests or wedding participants.

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Real Estate Drone Videography

Melbourne is a diverse and sprawling city and often your property does not stand out with traditional still photography. With the evolving technology of drones, we can explore the location and proximities of a property, elevating it to sought-after status. Aerial footage can highlight a neighborhood, the amenities, the roofline, and even the gardens and architecture. We can even capture stabilized footage that simulates a real walkthrough of the home that allows your buyers to save time and gas.

Drone Videography in Melbourne is still a distinct service, one that clients and buyers notably appreciate. Our aerial cinematography is convenient and completely customizable. Looking for beautiful scenery or landmarks a few blocks away? Want to focus on a new roof or rebuilt chimney? Got a luxurious pool or mountain lodge? We will give your future buyers a positive impression of both your property and your customer service before your first meeting. Real estate listings have increased traffic and a definite wow factor with drone videography. Influence the predispositions and attitudes early by bringing your listing to life with real estate drone videography.

dj playing at festival in melbourne

In addition to individual homes, entire neighborhoods and planned communities can be elevated by using drone videography. Promote hidden selling points and majestically spotlight the aerial imagery of parks, amenities, walking paths, grocers, sporting event fields, pools, and more. With Melbourne drone videography, your environs will elevated with stunning and dramatic visuals that traditional still photography cannot portray. Give your properties the attention they deserve with Skycam Drone Photography.