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We are proud and passionate drone pilots in Melbourne serving a range of industries from real estate photography to commercial and construction videography. Show the world what you have to offer from an entirely new perspective. Our stunning aerial footage will leave your prospects in awe. Being able to show off your asset from every angle including a birds eye view, takes it to a new level of prestige. Our experienced pilots work closely with clients to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded at every turn. We provide a one stop shop photography and videography service from capturing footage to post production editing and formatted delivery. We are driven to over-deliver to clients across Melbourne and Victoria to solidify our brand as the most reliable and affordable drone photography service in Melbourne.

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Commercial Drone Photography

Drone photography for commercial projects is becoming increasingly popular in 2021. Being able to showcase your businesses capabilities from a birds eye view really demonstrates a new level of professionalism. We work with construction companies to create promotional videos and photographs to present to future clientele. Some of the commercial industries we have worked with to provide aerial drone photography include: Building companies, landscaping businesses, excavation contractors, and solar panel installation companies. We are ready and capable to work with any industry whether you need asset inspections, livestock surveillance or aerial videography for promotional presentations

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Drone Videography

Aerial Videography is becoming as prevalent if not more so than drone photography in Melbourne. As the saying goes: “A picture captures a thousand words”. What then does a video capture at 25 photos a second? 25 thousand words? What about aerial videography rather than first person perspective video?

It’s undeniable that drone videography captures attention and sparks people’s imagination. What was previously only available to the 1% and hollywood movie creators, can now be captured by almost anyone. Our modern drone technology captures shots you wouldn’t have thought possible a decade ago.

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Aerial Real Estate Photography

Realtors, developers, and builders use drones to gather video and imagery for home and building inspections. Developers use drone photography for surveying, planning, and purchasing with 360 panoramas. Builders can capitalize on drone photography to highlight the attractive and favourable aspects of their neighborhoods or developments. Realtors can create one-of-a-kind marketing materials to assist the selling process by showcasing the home’s unique bird’s eye view. They can show prospective owners and tenants the location of schools, parks, and markets. In addition, the drones can take visuals of the neighborhood, gardens, pools, and any notable landmarks in close proximity.

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Aerial Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most important celebrations of your life. Why not take the memories to a whole new level and experience the event from above. Weddings in Melbourne and are often held at some of the most stunning locations Victoria has to offer such as wineries or beaches. Having a wedding photography to capture smiles and tears on the ground is an essential.

But if you really want to capture the big picture and gorgeous surroundings of your special day, consider one of our drone photography or videography packages for weddings. These cinematic shots will help you remember your special day like it’s a hollywood movie.

Aerial Photography Experts

Skycam Drone Photography focuses on capturing detail-rich images that consistently engage the viewer in every project, telling your unique story fully and visually. We would be honored to show you how the distinctive perspective of aerial photography can play an important role in your next production or project. We only utilize the latest in professional drones that provide our clients with the highest quality images.

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Due to Melbourne’s population density and sprawling metropolitan area, Melbourne presents challenges to the traditional camera. We find it the perfect city in which to use drone technology to its fullest capabilities. From the coastline of Port Phillip Bay to the foothills of the Macedon Ranges and beyond, drone photography is remarkably suited to capture stunning vistas. Our drones have the ability to capture high-quality images providing clients with unique marketing material for projects ranging from real estate photos, 360 photos, life events, aerial surveillance, topography, survey and rendering projects.

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At Skycam Drone Photography, we keep up with the drone and camera technology and spend countless hours perfecting our craft. With a passion for creativity, our drone pilots will bring you the latest in drone breakthroughs to complete your project. Our team of drones and operators will provide the highest quality aerial photography and cinematography services.
Though drone photography and videography is not exactly new, refinements are constantly improving, making this a cutting-edge business.

It’s not enough to just “own” a drone. You need a company that has experience to fully understand the planning, roles, and equipment requirements your project takes. Drones are powerful tools that provide incredible aerial images and videos safely and efficiently.

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Aerial Safety First

Safety in the skies is one of our top priorities. We operate under Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations to fly drones for commercial use and have full liability insurance coverage. Drone Photography Melbourne adheres strictly to the drone laws of airspace, hover, takeoff and landing, thrust, yaw, pitch, roll, and altitude. Because drones can be controlled remotely and can be flown at varying distances and heights, they make perfect candidates to take on some of the toughest and visually stunning jobs.

The Process


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So you want to take your project to new heights and capture it in beautiful high definition from a birds eye view? Great, we’d love to hear all about it so we can help you achieve those breath-taking results. Give us a call today to discuss your project or grab a free quote using the form on this website.


The Shoot
Now we know exactly what you have in mind we’ll assign one of our highly qualified drone pilots to your project. They’ll work closely with you to ensure they’re completely prepared for the day of the shoot. We will arrive early with state of the art drone technology and extra batteries to ensure every element is captured in stunning detail.


Once we’ve captured a variety of photos and buttery smooth shots, we’ll take the footage back to the studio and choose the best of a good bunch. From there we can provide professional editing whether it’s color grading for photos or snappy editing for your video.

Other Services

Our team has years of experience working with diverse clients such as:

Land surveyors: Drones provide better insights from rich, visual datasets at less than the cost of traditional survey methods. Unlike traditional topographic survey data — basically a set of linework — drone survey deliverables include an orthophoto and a contour map, ready for analysis to a digital terrain model. The result is highly accurate and richly visual in detail.

Livestock and wildlife monitoring: With Australia’s vast landmass, relying on humans to notice distressed animals can be difficult and laborious. Our drones can remotely keep surveillance on livestock and wildlife, check for the presence of water, and even monitor the water temperature. In emergencies,we can alert you to any number of factors that will help ease your mind.

Filmmaking and commercial advertising: In 2014, the first use of drones was used to stunning effect for the Sochi Winter Olympics, capturing astounding footage of the skiing and snowboarding events. That same year, the Motion Picture Association began using drone cinematography for aerial footage previously only accessible with helicopters. Television studios are now utilizing the nimble drones for sporting events that cable-suspended cameras cannot reach.

Insurance companies: Insurance adjusters know that being able to quickly and consistently respond to clients is the answer to build brand loyalty. Our aerial drone photography will provide the accurate data needed to close claims faster. Adjusters can decrease drive time and on-site visits while acknowledging client’s questions and concerns with no delay. This is especially vital in times of mass disasters when people are waiting on the status of claims. From a humanitarian standpoint, the ease and pace of drone technology can literally save lives.

Commercial aerial surveillance: By using drones to inspect power lines, towers, tall structures like chimneys and roofs, businesses can save vast amounts of money and reduce liability concerns for workers. Drone videography is a cost-conscious and safety-conscious decision of which companies are increasingly taking advantage, freeing up both man-hours and budgets. This type of asset inspection provides valuable data on some of Australia’s most critical infrastructure. Since these types of assets are usually spread out or very large, it takes a lot of manpower to do manual inspections. This is our drone technology comes in handy by providing detailed intelligence on limited access assets at any scale.

Tourist guides: Prior to the pandemic, the only way to tour some of the world’s great masterpieces was to board a plane and see them in person. This could prove to be cumbersome, expensive, or even dangerous. Limited time and budgets further restricted travel, even without health safety concerns. Now we can use drone videography and cinematography to virtually showcase any number of sites. Cities can create visual guides of their Top 10 Places to visit. Schools and universities can create visual maps and highlight reels for students and their parents. Hotels and resorts can create sweeping panoramic vistas to share in marketing materials, showing potential guests a bird’s eye view of what they will experience upon arrival. National parks can send unobtrusive drones into the brush to observe animals in the wild, or capture ocean creatures in their natural milieu. Any point of interest can be spotlighted with drone technology.

Life events: Drone Videography can capture any memorable day, including weddings, graduations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, pre-wedding festivities, baby reveals, family reunions, engagements, surprise parties, sporting events, birthdays, and more. To create a truly standout video, drone videography will help generate unforgettable footage of the events you will remember for a lifetime. Imagine the joy your loved ones will feel upon being presented a reel of the special day’s highlights.

Concerts, Races, Festivals, and More: Melbourne is Australia’s cultural capital and has even been referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” This presents countless opportunities to promote and record events that might otherwise have limited audiences. For even the most budget-minded manager, drone cinematography will produce outstanding footage to be used in countless after-event aspects. Consider recap videos, 15-second commercials, audition tapes, and highlight reels. Your initial cost can be recouped several times over.

Fundraisers and Non-Profits: Our professional drone operators will help you share the memories of coming together for a special cause. Imagine being able to capture the candid moments of your volunteers and recipients without the distraction of a traditional camera. Our aerial coverage will showcase your mission in a delightfully unexpected way to help reach new donors, supporters and audience. As charitable needs grow and spendable dollars shrink, you need a finely crafted message for your cause to stand out from the crowd.

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What is a drone?
A “drone” is an unpiloted aircraft. Also known as “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs), drones can carry out an impressive range of tasks, often entering areas in which humans have trouble gaining access due to varying sizes, spaces, or danger levels. Developed originally for aerospace and military industries, drones are used in such diverse fields as package delivery, weather forecasting, law enforcement operations, and disaster recovery. New uses for drones are emerging daily as their extreme nimbleness and camera capabilities evolve.
Do you offer aerial videos or just photos?
We provide both aerial photography and aerial videography. Our versatile fleet of drones, gimbal set ups and lenses allow us to capture stunning photos and videos alike. As we keep our equipment up to date with the latest drone stabilisation technology you can expect your aerial footage to be a cinematic quality. We also provide professional editing using state of the art software including: Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier and After Effects
How much is drone photography in Melbourne?
The price for aerial photography depends on a few factors such as the distance from Melbourne, the duration of the shoot, whether it’s photography, videography, or both. It also depends if you’d would like colour correction or editing included which we always recommend. Those elements being taken into consideration our basic drone photography shoots start at just $145 per hour.
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Drone Videography

Skycam Drone Photography embarks on every project, whether big or small, with the same enthusiasm, personal attention, and devotion to detail. Our drone camera operators are experienced in delivering results far exceeding your expectations, Our pride in producing high-quality work is evident in every aspect of your production. Our clients appreciate our professional approach and the countless hours we spend evolving our skills and our equipment.

Drone photography, videography, and cinematography opens exciting new possibilities to follow your creative vision wherever it takes you. Our approach is, literally, “the sky’s the limit” and whatever you hope to convey, we will give you state-of-the-art, exceptional aerial images that will spark your imagination.

Until you have seen the extraordinary visual triumph of drone photography, it is hard to imagine the awe-inspiring emotions it will invoke. The use of drones will distinguish your work to previously unimagined levels. Skycam Drone Photography, with our attention to detail and client-centric attitude, is the ideal company to fulfill your drone needs. Our ever-growing list of delighted clients will attest to our can-do mindset. Let us help you achieve innovative fame with the distinctive and impressive perspective of aerial photography.

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We are super passionate about capturing the world from above and providing people like you with gorgeous aerial imagery. If you’d like more information on how we can help you acquire stunning drone shots for your upcoming project or event, give us a call today. We also provide free quotes via the form at the top of this page, just send us the details of your project to get started. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to point you in the right direction so you can take your ideas to new heights and really ‘wow’ people with breathtaking aerial photography and videography.

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